Lenskart iOS Interview Experience (2023)

Payal Kandlur
3 min readSep 10, 2023

Hey all, here’s my interview experience for Lenksart. So there are usually 3 technical rounds, the first being a screening round.

I applied through LinkedIn and received a mail with the required details from HR, after which I received a call from HR to schedule the first round.

Round 1: Screening round

This was a telephonic round, all of which were theoretical questions on the basics of iOS. Since it was a screening round, a theoretical explanation was expected for each question. Here’s a list of all the questions asked:

  • Struct v/s class with examples
  • Enums , Case iterative
  • Generics, protocols and extensions
  • Singleton pattern
  • ARC, GCD and Queues
  • Higher order functions with few examples which you need to mention which function you would be using
  • Git squash, rebase, amend, merge
  • Unit testing, explain setUp() and tearDown()
  • Push notifications and Rich push notifications
  • Extensions in Swift and examples

Round 2: Technical round
This round had majorly iOS-related technical questions with a few Data structure questions.

Round 3: The final technical round

This is the final technical round post which there would be an HR/Managerial round. This round contains coding and making a small app on the go. This round also had a few basics in Swift.

  • The first few questions were basics in Swift — Struct v/s class, static v/s dynamic dispatch, Concurrency in Swift, queues v/s threads, runtime v/s compile time
  • How will you print hdfc|icici|sbi using higher order functions, also create a struct:
  • Write a custom filter function to filter values in an array
  • Git squash v/s rebase
  • How do you test private functions in Swift
  • Make an app with a label, which generates a random string of 2 words, with the 1st word consisting of 4 letters (as in “good”) and 2nd word of 7 letters (as in “morning”), for every 2 seconds and on the 10th-second display “Good morning”.

That’s all!😊 Drop your questions and suggestions in the comment section.